Lennox Media Group

TV & Streaming Production & Distribution Company

What we do

We create and deliver world class productions.

Outside broadcast van (OB Van) up to 8 cameras that’s perfect for live streaming and broadcast of all types of events where high quality multi camera coverage is required.

We are a leading production company that specializes in delivering captivating imagery to the big screens of major events and producing long form factual TV series for major broadcasters.

We are the ideal choice when budgets are modest and professional coverage is needed. Our team of highly skilled professionals and state of the art technology ensure we deliver world class results every time.



  • Multi Camera live production.

  • Production, including brand funded TV series.

  • Pitching & negotiation with commercial TV programming.

  • TV commercial compliance & delivery.

  • Advertising & promotion campaigns.

  • Media buying & placement.

  • We advise and can assist clubs and organizations to grow spectator numbers.

TV Commercial Production

We assist TV commercial producers in finalizing commercials, CAD applications and delivery to networks.

More than 25 years making commercials.

Broadcast & Streaming

Our capabilities span from high end single-camera setups to fully-fledged, multi-camera live-switched productions for television, streaming, recording or direct-to-screen content delivery.


We are a media consultancy that buy and place advertising campaigns. We create television and streaming content for brands and assist organizations in promoting events as well as negotiating with free to air broadcasters.

our difference

Our proven track record and extensive broadcast television experience and expertise have given us the runs on the board, making us a standout choice in the Australian media landscape.

Our commitment to overcoming time constraints while delivering high-quality work on schedule is a testament to our reliability. We pride ourselves on being a team that not only produces outstanding content but also fosters harmonious and productive partnerships with external teams, ensuring our clients can trust us to deliver excellence in every aspect of our work.

We offer assistance to commercial producers in obtaining CAD clearance and delivery to all of Australia’s free to air networks, cable and community channels. 


Making content for streaming platforms and free to air television is in our blood. The 14 year run of the family focused brand funded River To Reef fishing, boating & lifestyle series is a testament to our success. One in five people either watched episodes or knew of the series that concluded in 2018. There is no better way for brands to be front of mind than being a major part of the content.

Combine a brand funded TV series with its own web site and social media plus in-show call to actions like competitions, and build a database for direct marketing while selling more products and services.

As the executive producer of River To Reef and many other brand funded series we know how to make a cost effective positive impact.

With streaming now dominent, costs to reach an audience have declined.

Case study: Surtees boats from New Zealand were selling about fifty boats per year into Australia. When we brought Surtees into River To Reef and found them a Melbourne based dealer, Surtees boats the following year sold upward of three hundred boats across the nation, this continued until the River To Reef series ended in 2018.

Latest Work

Well done to all. You did a terrific job at the Lighthouse Rock concert. Made it possible for the 1000’s of people back from the stage and the vendors to be a part of what was going on. It really wouldn’t be the same at the event without your input.
Damien Farrell

Produced series

Our Skills & GEAR

Our team boasts a comprehensive skill set that encompasses every facet of broadcast television production, from producer and directors to camera operators, editors, sound recording specialists, and the versatile hands-on team members who ensure every detail is meticulously managed. Additionally, our state-of-the-art outside broadcast van stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality content. With the capacity for up to eight cameras in both HD and UHD.

Outside Broadcast Van

(OB Van) Equipment.

Video Cameras

3 x 4K Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2. Studio configuration with studio viewfinders, Canon B4 lenses with zoom and focus demands, CCU, talkback and tally

1 x Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G1 with wide angle canon B4 lens. Monocular viewfinder

1 x Sony X70 XDCAM camcorder

1 x GoPro

4 x tripods and heads

1 x Teleprompter

Various SDI and Fibre lengths for connection from cameras to van

5 x V-lock mounted camera fibre backs

1 x V-lock Wireless transmitter & receiver

1 x ATEM streaming bridge with links allowing up to 2km wireless link from 1 x camera with full CCU,tally and coms.

8 channel Blackmagic 4K studio pro vision switcher

20 x 20 SDI router

8 channel 4K fibre talkback converter

2 x 4K SSD recorders

VMix for media player, live streaming, graphics, slo mo, replay +more

Blackmagic Smartscope duo waveform and vectorscope

Various monitors



Behringer X32 Compact mixer

Behringer S16 stagebox

4 x Sony lavalier radio mics and receivers

1 x Sony XLR plug on transmitter

4 x Sennheiser IEM belt packs and earpieces

2 x Sennheiser rack mounted transmitters

1 x Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone with windshield and boom pole

Various mic stands and windscreen options

Various audio cable lengths


Peplink bonded cellular internet allowing reliable high speed up to 10mbps streaming via RTMP, SRT + more

Other gear

Terenex standards converter

Ultra HD web presenter

UHF base station

6 x UHF walkie talkies with headsets

LED light panels and stands

Shot bags

3.5Kva generator

Transmission & getting a signal out

For live or VOD streaming we have our own CDN and can provide a custom embed player and/or internet link that can be shared anywhere for unlimited concurrent viewers.

Who We Work With


Mobile: 0418 828 902

Email: contact@lennoxmedia.com.au

Victoria – New South Wales – Queensland